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Healthy Opinion: You May Develop A Fungal Infection For Wearing Leggings Daily

If you want, you can wear leggings to the gym or as a fashion statement. You can even wear this multifunctional item straight from the yoga studio to Sunday brunch. Yes, leggings are comfortable and cute. Even haute couture women agree. 

 leggings can really make you feel and look great, but wearing them regularly can affect your health for both good and bad. When you insist on wearing only stockings every day, this is exactly what happens to your body. 

 You can get a fungus. 

 People are more likely to get ringworm if they sweat when wearing tight-fitting sportswear (such as leggings). 

 Wearing leggings to exercise every day also increases the risk of contracting another fungus: jock itch. Although it is generally considered a disease that affects men, women are not immune. Tinea cruris tends to occur in athletes and overweight people, and thrives in the "wet and sweaty environment" that leggings can produce. 

 Wearing leggings every day can cause butt acne 

 If you wear leggings every day, you may also be more prone to uncomfortable butt acne. Sweat staying on the body for a long time can cause overgrowth of bacteria, which can exacerbate acne. 

 If you wear tights every day, you may feel itchy 

 Your tights may be the cause of itching and scratching every day. If you rule out dry skin as the cause of itching, then it may just be sensitive to certain synthetic fibers commonly used in leggings. 

 Wearing tights every day can stimulate blood circulation. 

 Tights quickly become the new mother's best friend. Not only are they cute and comfortable, but they also provide stability and shape to the core. They are known to aid blood circulation and reduce the risk of blood clots that can lead to deep vein thrombosis. 

 Wearing leggings every day can cause abrasions. 

 Abrasions can be very annoying and even painful. It usually occurs due to friction from skin or clothing. Abrasions can cause rashes and injuries.

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