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5 Common Dressing Mistakes Ladies Make and How to Avoid Them to Make You Stand Out

We all admit that ladies want to be fashionable. Being fashionable does not mean that you're in fashion. Make sure that you keep a few basic dressing rules mentioned below every time you're seen in public.

Here are some of the few mistakes our ladies make.

1) Wrong Size. Some will try to hide it in baggy clothes while others try to deny it by wearing too small clothes. Make sure you choose styles that flatter your figure, wear outfits in your size. Too big/small clothes will make you look bigger/ lumpier than you are.

2) Panty Line-up. Most ladies forget to look at their backside when getting dressed to make sure that no one recognizes the kind of underwear they have. Panty lines do not attract anyone. Can be easily remedied by wearing underwear with sheer fabrics. Wearing thongs that show up yiur waist band is just wrong.

3) Accessory Overload. It's okay to match the color of your handbag, socks, lipstick to your shoes or dress but do not overdo it by matching everything. Match only one or two pieces because to much matchy-matchy makes you look like you're trying too much.

4)Uneven makeup. Too much makeup attracts too much attention and not the teigh kind of attention. Your neck and face should have the same color. Excess makeup bury your good features.

5) Age Mismatch. You don't have to dress like an older person when you hit 30 but neither should you wear the same outfit as your daughter. Trends intended for young women should not be worn by older mum's and the vice versa. Looks sad. Choose age appropriate fashions that make you look more attractive.

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