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Skin Care

The Incredible Things Charcoal Can Do To Your Body

If you're always keen about your body appearance, activated charcoal can make your body look charming and gorgeous. Activated charcoal is usually made from burnt remains of bamboo plant stems and coconut shells.

Once burnt, the activated charcoal properties can act as a body cleanser, skin, hair and teeth detoxifier. Let's read as I share with you five ways of how using charcoal can change your appearance to the better.

Can be used as a teeth whitener

Charcoal toothpaste can be used to whiten the teeth. First of all, to obtain the paste, you'll have to find coconut shell remains and bamboo stems.

You'll burn them to obtain the charcoal then grind the charcoal to form a finer texture. After obtaining the fine charcoal, mix it with a little water and stir to form a charcoal paste.

From there, you can use the charcoal paste to brush your teeth. The paste eliminates surface teeth stains as well as cleaning the enamel. Doing this daily would lead to whiter teeth.

Charcoal soup can be used to expel acne

“Absorbent charcoal acts like a magnet to draw out and soak up the oil, dirt, and bacteria that cause breakouts, clearing up skin stat,” says Zeichner Joshua, a dermatologist based in New York.

Again, application of a little charcoal in form simplifies the elimination of both body and facial stains.

To apply charcoal soup, first of all soak the soup in water to create form. Then dip a piece of clean cloth in the form. Let it absorb the water and squeeze the excess water out of the cloth. Finally, use the cloth to clean the acnes.

Can be used as a booster to hair growth

This can happen through scrubbing your scalp with charcoal. The charcoal eliminates dead skin cells that clog the hair follicles. This paves way for growth of hairs. To ratify this process you may mix it with sugar if you wish as the sugar exfoliates the follicles.

To make it practical, mix three teaspoons of finer grounded charcoal, one teaspoon of olive oil and two teaspoons of sugar. Use the mixture to scrub the scalp for two minutes. Let the scalp stay still for six minutes before you wash it with water. Daily scrubbing will give optimal results.

Can be used to eliminate bad body odor

Incredibly, a body deodorant made from charcoal absorbs moisture that can be found under the arm before they start going stale. It works by binding with odor molecules thus leaving your body fresh.

For those who suffer from smelly feet. They can use charcoal deodorants to absorb the stinky moisture between their toes. This will leave their feet fresh.

Can be used to smoothen skin rushes

Skin rushes can be soothed using a charcoal mask. To heal the rushes faster, you can mix the charcoal mask with coconut oil. The coconut oil acts as an antioxidant.

"An anti-inflammatory, charcoal helps ease redness and irritation," says Dr. Zeichner.

To use it, you'll have to mix two tablespoons of activated charcoal with two tablespoons of coconut oil. Use it to gently scrub the affected skin. Let it stay for twenty minutes then rinse with clean water. The process should be repeated daily for optimal results.

Content created and supplied by: Mike00001 (via Opera News )


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