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Skin Care

How Mixing Salt In Your Bathing Water Helps Your Skin

Using salts in the bath is how most people enjoy them and it is a way to experience the most benefits from using them.

We all love to salt our food, and in fact our bodies have to have some salt in order to live, especially to replace what we lose through perspiration and urination. But did you know that salt is useful?

Most of us use salts as a way to enhance a relaxing soak in the tub, but salts are believed to provide several health benefits for people with:

•muscle pain and stiffness

•stiff, aching joints


•circulation problems


•anxiety and stress

•skin conditions, such as eczema

•dry and itchy skin

You can use bath salts in the bath, in your shower, in a foot soak, or to make an exfoliating body scrub

For a foot soak

In a foot bath or a large basin, sprinkle 1/4 to 1/2 cup bath salts into warm water. Soak your feet and relax, allowing the bath salts to gently soften your skin. This is an essential step for a DIY home pedicure.

Are you trying this? If not,it is your time to try.What is your Conclusion? Write a comment below.

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