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Skin Care

Anti-aging super foods That Will Make You Look Young Forever

Science opines that any living thing that is made up of cells must at a given time age then cease existence. Many people if not all loathe ageing as it comes with limitedness in doing certain activities and myriad of complications.

That said, human beings have therefore thought of ways of delaying or cancelling out the ramifications of ageing. Their thoughts nontheless have culminated to diet since ageing is mostly an internal body affair.

The food you consume therefore, has much bearing on the tendency of your body to age or stay younger for extended periods. Let's look at some of the anti-aging foods to go for in an effort to delaying ageing.


A hemp is a long annual growing herb that's native to Asian origin. Hemp contains Omega-3 acid that locks moisture in your skin hence maintaining your skin health and reducing ageing. To incorporate hemp in your diet, saturate fully hemp seeds with pine juice, sliced garlic, small amount of salt and little amounts of basil leaf. The saturate should be taken every morning for effective outcomes.

Olive oil

Earlier, a research conducted established that there was a direct correlation between suppressed rates of cancers and heart problems in Greek islands with fats found in olive oil.

With that, we can now tell confidently that olive oils have strong polyphenol antioxidant that cushions one from age related problems and ageing to a larger extent.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are packed with good amounts of vitamin E. Absence of vitamin E in your skin exposes it to threats of free radicals that can damage it. Vitamin E bears the burden of protecting your skin by insulating the fatty acid that encloses the basic cell components from damage. It also harbours skin protecting properties.

Citrus fruits

According to World Health Organization, citrus fruits are endowed with a type of antioxidant called di-limonene. This antioxidant plays a vital role in suppressing cancer risk by close to 25%. To consume citrus rightly, scrap off the outer peelings and slice the inner fleshy part Into sizeable pieces. The slices can be consumed by themselves or alongside other meals as salads. Remember not to scrap the inner white part as you are doing the peeling as it should also be consumed.

Use of cucumber

Cucumber peels are abundant with silica. Silica stands out to be one of the major skin building blocks as it prevents skin wrinkles. To use cucumber for skin health, ensure you consume at least 4mg a day though there's no acceptable daily intake yet. The daily intake recommendation should be obtained from the peel of one cucumber.


Fish contains lots of Omega-3 fats. These type of fat eliminates cholesterol clogs from the blood stream. This, in the long run cancels out any heart problems like heart attacks hence making you maintain a good health.

The Omega-3 fats also lock moisture within your skin hence preventing it from cracking and wrinkling. This also ensures your skin looks younger for extended periods.

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