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Skin Care

How To Use Lemon And Aloe Vera To Eliminate Acne And Pimples In One Week.

Aloe vera is a saculent plant widely known for it's anti- inflammatory and antioxidant properties making it good for Eliminating pimples, acne and generally soothing the skin.

Lemon contains vitamin c and citric acid which makes it an effective cleanser of the skin from bacteria that causes skin problems.

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1.About 3 pieces of aloe vera plant.

2.One lemon fruit.

Step by step preparation.

(a). Extract 2 tablespoon full of aloe vera gel in to a clean container.

(b).Take the lemon and cut it in to two halves and squeeze it to extract one teaspoon full of it's juice and add it in to the container with aloe vera gel.

(c).Stir well the mixture to get a uniform solution.

(d).Apply the solution on the affected areas and allow it to stay for 10-15 minutes.

(e). Rinse the skin thoroughly with clean warm water.

The obove procedure should be repeated twice daily for 7 days preferably morning and evening for best results.

The skin should be cleaned and dried first before applying the solution.

It is recommended that not more than one teaspoon of lemon should be used as excess of it may cause skin irritation due to it's acidity.

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