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Find out why most women desire to be slimmer.

Studies have shown that in ancient societies, heavier or fatter women were considered as attractive an and fertile. The modern woman desires to be slimmer unlike the ancient. You will find a good number of women working out, skipping meals or even going for cosmetic surgery to eliminate excess fat. Below are some of the reasons as to why women desire to be slimmer;

One major reason is for healthy purpose. Too much fat in the body can lead to so many health complications which are either short-term or long-term. A petite body gives any woman courage to eat as much as she wants but still maintain the slimmer figure.

The second reason is that a slimmer body fits in almost all dresses. Women loves fancy outfits and you’ll find them shopping more on clothes. This is easier when one is slimmer because her body fits well in any wear.

Thirdly, a slimmer body comes with a beautiful facial look. A slimmer body gives a woman a prettier face even without applying makeup. If a matching outfit and makeup is applied, they look damn beautiful.

Lastly, a light body is always flexible in all aspects. This is one of the reasons why most slimmer women are quick and faster in their life activities. No excess panting after an exercise and that’s why they are so active and get the ball rolling much quickly than heavier people.

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