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Awinja Looking All Black Outfit Of The Day

Jacky Vike famously known as Awinja of Papa shirandula has been causing a social media sensation with her dope outfits. Jackie is the one person who makes simple things to look so much beautiful especially when it comes to outfits that she wears. She is usually reffered to as the pajama master as she looks so dope in them.

The post that she just posted some few minutes ago in an all black outfit wear from head to toe is so dope. Can not lie to you i just loved the details of every cloth that she is in. The black bralet was what really impressed me with the most. Then the black leather skirt took everything so well.

Another thing i love about Jackie is the kind of shoes she wears. They usually look so good on her and the one she wore today took the show. Thank you so much for reading.

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Awinja Jackie Jacky Vike


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