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Tricks For You To Smell Better

When you work a lot in the day you may produce a bad scent, probably due to a lot of sweating during the day. And if you meet your crush who comes for a hug don't go for it because you're not smelling nicely. Here are some tips for you to smell better.

1. Spray on the thin parts of your skin. The thin parts of your body are the right and a recommended parts of your skin that you should spray on. Now the thin parts of your skin are; your wrist, the back of ears, your elbows and safe of your neck. They are referred to as thin parts of your body because they are soft and blood is closer to them and thus warming them. The warmth and the heat on those surfaces will help to drive the scent into the air.

2. Moisten your skin before applying your perfume. Why now moisten and maybe you are at work? When you most your skin it makes your skin oily and moist. Perfumes are said it work better and stay for long in oily and moist skins.

3. Apply perfume on your hair but don't spray directly because perfumes have a high content of alcohol that can make hair dry. Then how do you apply it? Apply your perfume on hairbrush or comb. This helps by leaving the alcohol on the comb and then transmitting the scent only directly from your comb to hair. But there are perfumes designed specifically for hair and they are applied directly.

4. Take your perfume with you if the scent fades during the day. If you are afraid to carry on wear bottles then spray it on cotton band and store in a dry nylon.

As you all know perfumes are not applied to clothes for avoidance of strains. it is also for your health to use perfumes that are friendly to your skin.

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