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Opinion: 5 things men should never wear in public

The world of fashion is move at a steady trajectory and so should we. As gentlemen there some outfits that you never be seen with in public. Here are some of the outfits that should never appear in your wardrobe.


This may come as a surprise but jerseys are complete turn offs and mood killer if you wear them in public. A special consideration is only given when going for a sporting event, otherwise keep them off public eye.

Slogan T-shirts

These make you look like a teenager still fighting to identify themselves among their peers. It's always feels comfortable to walk or talk with people wearing plain or bold t-shirts.


Incase you're going for a hike or traveling, avoid carrying backpacks with you in public. Backpack will make you look like a schoolboy kid hitting people with the bag unnecessarily. Be a gentleman and a this mess.


In a world where you are trying to look classy, sandals especially with socks will always make you look less attractive and immature.

This also include flip-flops. A fully grown man should avoid these only incase you're going to take bath or going to the beach.

Big wrist watches

Big wrist watches especially colourful ones scream too much attention and any grown man should avoid this in public. You can instead go for smaller and slimmer watch to give you that elegant look.

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