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5 Reasons Why You Should Never Pierce Your Tongue

Much like tattoos, people pierce their bodies for various reasons.

While others pierce their bodies to identify themselves with a certain culture, others do it to mark a special occasion in life. A few others will pierce their bodies just to look like their nextdoor neighbor, friends or their favourite celebrities.

The most notorious body parts synonymous with piercings are ears, nose, lips and tongue. Although tongue piercings are as old as the hills, they've become very common in recent years especially among young females.

As the demand for tongue rings continues to increase, the levels of hygiene involved in the act of piercing one of the most vital body parts reduces. Young women and men, especially from low-income suburbs of Nairobi, use substandard tools and prefer unaccredited specialists to carry out the job because of they are much cheaper.

Another vital part of the body that is in serious danger incase a tongue piercing goes wrong. Tongue piercings can fill the brain with pus, cause hepatitis B, hepatitis C and other risks.

Here are some other 5 reasons why you should never pierce your tongue as advised by ADA, American Dental Association:

1 Unusual discharge from the pierced region

As mentioned above, a badly pierced tongue can discharge some unsual pus which can fill and be detrimental to the brain.

2 Bacterial Infection

The mouth is prone to many fungal and bacterial infections. Anybody who needs an oral piercing must be very careful and follow the after care procedures to the latter.

3 Gingival recession

Tongue piercing can cause early gum receding.

4 Hypersalivation

Hypersalivation is the production of excess saliva.

5 keloid formation

For more information on the same, click the link below.

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