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Netizens React After Grace Ekirapa Changed Her Hairstyle

Grace Ekirapa is the Legal sweetheart of actor Pascal ToKodi. Grace Ekirapa is believed to have impacted Pascal Tokodi with so many positives other than negatives.

So grace Ekirapa is widely recognized through her flawless natural hair. Grace Ekirapa has one of the neatest natural ever that you can find in our country. Her hair is totally black, long and curvy.But change is good and Grace Ekirapa has embraced change by taking a bold step of braiding her hair.

Grace Ekirapa mostly keeps her natural hair or she can put on a wig. It is very rare to see grace Ekirapa plating her hair with braids. She caught netizens by surprise after she broadcasted a picture having some brown braids plaited on her head.

Netizens were Amused and could not imagine that it was grace Ekirapa. Others were talking about she was looking fabulous with the new look. Others totally disliked the look. What is your idea towards this new look. Please inform us.

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