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Skin Care

What Happens When You Take Shower Daily

1. Nice sleep. Hot showers improves one's sleep since it makes the body muscles relax hence making the brain settle and feel relieved.

2. Moisturizes the skin. Warm water is responsible for cleaning and removing worn out body tissues that are aligned in the skin and for that the tissue that are in form of rushes and fats are wiped hence making the skin smooth and healthy.

3. Lowers blood sugar. Research shows that when warm bath or shower is applied to the body it lowers blood sugar and pressure for it makes the body organs relax.

4. Look Attractive. After any shower one is likely to look more smart and attractive and for that reason we need to have a good attitude when it comes in matters of showering .

5. Addiction. At times once you have got used to taking hot shower it becomes an habit such that you can't think otherwise of maybe having even taking a cold or skipping the shower.

6. Lower testosterone hormones. For men hot shower sometimes became a disadvantage to them since the hormone response for sperm production is lowered hence increasing libido.

7. Cost. For hot shower the cost is high since you need a source of power that will generate heat to your water and for that reason it becomes relatively expensive.

8. After taking warm water you will feel cold immediately you are done that will make you need warm clothes.

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