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4 Important Reasons Why You Should Never Shave All Your Private Hair

1.It acts as a pathogen barrier

Just like eye lashes,the private hair are extremely important in protecting your genitals against germs.This is most important among the ladies due to the shortness of their urinary tract.When you sweat or is in contact with another person,these hairs will trap most of the solid germs protecting you from infections such as the Urinary Tract Infection and other related STIS

2.Acts as a lubricant

This is another extreme importance of pubic hair thus the name a dry lubricant.During intimacy,their is a physical contact that may end up causing friction.If this is done skin to skin,it may end up causing blisters on your body thus excessive pains.Hair to hair contact prevents any injury to the skin hence more reason not to shave all of your private hair.

3.Maintains genital temperatureAs earlier stated,pubic hair helps trap sweat during hot temperature.Apart from preventing it from getting to your genitals,this also helps prevent dampness down their.It does so by absorbing the sweat thus maintaining constant temperature keeping you more comfortable.

4.Increases sensationThe private hair is highly sensitive as compared to hairs in different parts of the body.This makes it very core during intimacy as it increases your enjoyment when making out with your partner when you come into contact.

6.Prevents skins diseasesWe have numerous skin maladies that can be transmitted when making out with someone top on the list being genital warts.Study has proved that pubic hair can act as a shield hence preventing you from contracting such an infection from an infected person.

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