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Why do Afghan Women Wear Blue Burqas?

In reality,you can come across a blue barqa in other parts of the world,mainly in Pakistan,India,and more occasionally in Middle East.Burquas also exist in different colors.

To the western world,it stands for a symbol of gender inequality and female repression.And banned in some countries for security reasons in countries like France, Italy, Switzerland and Netherlands as it conceals identity. 

But why blue?

Foremost,in Islam a ladys modesty and privacy is highly valued.

Before the Talibans took over Afghanistan (1992-1996),they wanted to resuscitate traditions and forge new ones.The Talibans ensured that women were required to hide their entire body and face in public areas.Those who refused were severely punished, some were even beaten to death.Till now precautions women keep wearing Burqas in kabul for safety reasons.

The blue color firstly revealed a ladys geographical origin.Burqas were blue in kabul area,white in northern Afghanistan (around Nazar I Sharif) and green in the south(around Kandahar).

Secondly,the color is linked to Islamic traditions.Blue is considered color of protection and us used to ward off evil eyes.And that's why most mosques are also blue in color.Examples being Mosques in Egypt, Malaysia and Istanbul I Turkey.

lastly,though it potrays my modesty among the women.It impedes vision and ability to walk,in those hot climates it can bed quite cumbersome to breathe.That's why it's very unpopular among Muslim population across the globe.The black niqab is more preferred.Thank you.

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