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Skin Care

Why that itchy, red, patchy skin could be some of the symptoms of an Eczema infection.

Eczema or dermatitis is a skin condition that makes the skin red and patchy.Contact with something that irritates the skin,or triggers an allergic reaction like perfume,lotion or jewellery containing nickel are some of an Eczema infection causes.

It's main cause is a combination of immune system reaction,which oveereacts to allergens and irritants causing an inflammation of the skin.

Other causes include a combination of genetics,environmental triggers and stress.

Common triggers of an Eczema flare up include: pollen,dust mites,hot or dry climate,high or low humidity,soaps detergents and shampoos.

There are several types of Eczema such as:

*Contact dermatitis-an irritation of the skin that is caused by substances that you touch.

*Atopic dermatitis-the skin becomes red,inflamed and swollen and often begins in childhood.

*Hand eczema which affects the hands only.

*Neurodermatitis which causes thick,scaly patches to appear on the skin.

*Nummular eczema which causes round,coin shaped spots to appear on the skin.

*Stasis dermatitis which happens when fluid leaks from weakened veins into the skin which causes swelling,itchiness,redness and pain.

Some of the symptoms of Eczema are

*Dry skin.

*Itchy skin.

*Red rashes.

*Bumps on the skin.

*Crusting skin.


*Fluid filled blisters.

Untreated Eczema can result in a serious Staph infection which can cause Sepsis,a life threatening infection of the blood.The skin can also become broken and cracked increasing the risk of bacterial skin infections.

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