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Don't Throw Away Those Lemon Seeds

For a majority of people, when they consume lemon fruits which is mostly through extracting the lemon juice,they tend to throw away the lemon seeds.

The reason for this is because lemon seeds are usually slightly bitter and many people tend to have a fear that the inclusion of the lemon seeds would ruin the good taste of the juices and smoothies.

However, most people don't know is that these lemon seeds are highly beneficial to good human health and that they are also very edible.

Research has found that the nutrition that is contained in lemon seeds is similar to the one in the whole fruit.Lemon seeds are rich in antioxidants due to their high vitamin C content.

Lemon seeds have a high content of salicylic acid that possesses the amazing ability to relieve pain.Salicylic acid is also so good for skin in dealing with issues such as acne and pimples and is frequently included in many skin care products.

The amazing benefits of lemon seeds are:-

Relieving Pain

Lemon seeds are rich in salicylic acid that is normally also one of the main components in lemon juice as well.A majority of people tend to rely on aspirin to heal headaches and any other kind of pain.Therefore,consuming lemon seeds is greatly beneficial for relieving aches and pains in a safe,easy and natural way.

Eliminating Parasites Specifically Threadworms

Children are very prone to getting threadworm infections.They not only harm the child's digestive health but also pose a danger to a child's growth.Lemon seeds greatly offer a natural remedy for eliminating threadworms due to their detoxifying properties.A concoction can be made for this problem through crushing some lemon seeds and boiling them with water or milk.Once warm,the child could consume it and they will thereafter pass stool that will eliminate the threadworms.

Preventing Candidiasis

Candidiasis is a fungal infection that affects the digestive tract because of candida.Lemon seeds have the amazing ability to naturally prevent candidiasis.This is due to lemon seeds antifungal properties that help in effectively fighting the infections.

Nourishing Skin

Like lemon juice,lemon seeds also contain plenty of vitamin C which is a highly beneficial antioxidant.Therefore,this makes lemon seeds to be highly in maintaining healthy and youthful skin.This is the main reason why lemon seeds are usually incorporated in certain skin care products.The seeds produce essential oils which nourish and moisturize the skin well.

Treating Skin

Lemon seeds normally produce essential oils that have major antibacterial properties that make them effective in treating acne.Acne is normally caused by a bacterial infection.

Treating Urinary Tract Infections(UTIs)

The powerful antibacterial properties of lemon seeds make them good for the treatment of urinary tract infection(UTIs) once consumed.Taking the seed as a whole when you get a UTI effectively aids in treating the infection.

Pleasant Smell

Lemon seeds have a lemon like scent which can be used for a variety of purposes one of them being providing a natural fragrance in cosmetic products and also in aromatherapy to relax your mood.Lemon seeds can also be used as room air fresheners for the purpose of getting rid of mosquitoes which tend to get turned off by fresh lemon scents.

Precautions To Consider

Even though lemon seeds have been found to be safe and edible,they may cause harm to people with certain health conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS).Such people are advised not to consume lemon seeds.

Excessive consumption of lemon seeds for people with normal health may cause indigestion problems such as stomach upsets and constipation.It is advised to consume crushed lemon seeds as opposed to whole lemon seeds as the crushed lemon seeds would be less harmful to your digestive tract.

Lemon seeds usage is for supplementary rather than medical needs.If you would like to use them for medical needs,it is advisable to contact your doctor first so that you can have the proper health benefits of lemon seeds.

Content created and supplied by: Simplylenah_ (via Opera News )

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