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10 Facts about Japan that Amaze the World

When you visit beauty salons in this country, you will be covered with a napkin on your face when washing your hair. They do this so as not to spoil your makeup on the face and also to make your relax

Tattoos are largely accepted in most countries and people today do not have problem with them. However in japan, you cannot show your tattoos in public. In some places you will even be needed to cover them

In some elevators you will find such a thing and you might wonder what its purpose is. This is an emergency toilet; it might help a person in time of need

Women in japan take care of their skin especially their faces. This routine begins at young age, they treat their skin gently especially the soft part around the eyes, they never rub it but dab it

In Tokyo, which is the capital of Japan, housing is tightly packed compared to other cities such that people have to build such houses which are skinny, narrow and tall

Hospitals in japan really take good care of their patience, for example this is food meant for patience in a hospital. This is the perfect definition of a balanced diet

Dogs are well taken care of here; they are fed, loved and spoiled. They are dressed most of the times by their owners and taken for a walk in a stroller just like a baby

Books in the library are handled with a lot of people and this might be dangerous, in Japan you might find this device that is used to sterilize the books for 30 seconds before you can read.

If you do not look keenly, you might think this is real food but in reality it is just a plastic menu that can be found in majority of restaurants in Japan, they represent the kind of dish they serve

Finally, most toilets here have transparent wall, you might feel uncomfortable getting into one but do worry, they become matted when someone is inside 

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