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8 Details On Everyday Items That Have Hidden Functions We Had No Idea About

Today I have looked at items we all have and discovered a lot of new things for ourselves.

Shoulder buttons on jacketsThis buttons on jackets are ordinary decorations that actually have a practical function, such loops help bags stay on the shoulder and not slide down.

The triangle on sweatshirtsMost sweatshirts have a triangle sewn to the collar. But nowadays, it’s no longer functional, but manufacturers add it as a classic touch. Back when they first appeared, the triangle was made thicker to collect the owner’s sweat and not let the collar get stretched out so fast.

2 pockets on the right side of a jacketSome classic jackets still have 2 pockets on the right side. Actually, no one uses the small pocket today, but in the past, gentlemen used to keep their train tickets in them. But today, it’s just a tradition.

Needle pillowThe contents of needle pillows help the needles to stay in place and also to remain sharp. Professionals say that ordinary rice sharpens the needles very well.

The loop on the backs of shirtsThe type of shirts were really popular among sailors that didn’t have a lot of space to store their clothes. And the loop allowed them to hang the shirt on a hook. Back in the 1960s, GANT added the loops on their shirts for college students to be able to hang them in their lockers. Later, students used the loop to mark their relationship status. If a guy didn’t have a loop, it meant he was dating someone.

The horizontal hole for the upper button of a shirtYou must have noticed that all the holes for the buttons are vertical and the top one is usually horizontal. It’s done specifically for the button not to unbutton if you decide to put on a tie without removing the shirt.

Coat strapToday, the strap is just added on coats mostly for decorative reasons, and sometimes it’s like in the photo above. However, it was initially used to tighten the uniform to make the silhouette slim.

Wooden clothes hangersToday, we can choose the material of hangers for our clothes, either plastic or wooden. But in the past, wood used to be the only material hangers were made of. The hangers made of certain kinds of wood protected the clothes from moths and other insects: the smell of wood scared them away.

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