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Five Body Parts That Are Not Washed Properly

Here are five body parts that people don't wash properly.

1. Armpit

This is one other area in your body that retains much dirt and bad body adour that results from sweat. For almost every individual, this armpits are not properly washed.

2. Ears

Ears are rarely washed. Infact inside of your ears are washed only once for months.

3. Teeth

Teeth is another area that needs prooer6 cleaning after every mean as advised by dentists. Unfortunately, we only wash them once in a while.

4. Down there

You understand what I am saying. When taking bath, we are sure to wash this part, and infact most men start soaping that part before the rest parts of the body. That is not to say we are washing it properly.

5. Feet

Feet are the most dirtiest part in the body as it is exposed to dust particles as we walk. It is required that feet should be washed with much properness, and especially between the toes.

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