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Using Hand Sanitizers if They Have This Chemical May Expose You To A Fatal Cancer

Hand sanitizers are very important in this COVID-19 era, according to a new study, some are dangerous. According to the guidelines set by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) to prevent the spread of the virus, the demand for hand sanitizers have increased.

A new study shows that several hand sanitizer brands contain contaminants which are known to cause cancer to humans According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC).

A further study conducted by the Connecticut-based pharmacy and a testing company Valisure, they conducted tests and confirmed that specific types of hand sanitizers contain active ingredients of ethanol and isopropanol.

Valisure company analyzed 260 bottles from 168 brands of sanitizers and found out that 17% of them contained active Benzene.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), A good sanitizer should contain isopropyl alcohol (also known as 2-propanol), hydrogen peroxide, and glycerol.

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