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Don't let your eyes cost you, instead use this remedies for recovery.

In life, there are many things that can result to eye itching problem. Since the eye is the sensitive part of the body, and it needs a lot of care. Therefore, care and maintenance should be kept at all cost.

We have dust, chemicals, smoke, dehydration or even lose of sleep can lead to itching and redness of eyes. We have drugs that can deals with it immediately once exposed to it like; cold ice, onions, eucalyptus and cucumber.

How you can use them for treatment.

. Cold ice.

Take cold ice and place it in your eyeIids for a bout 15 minutes, immediately you will find yourself feeling better because cold ice acts on the inflammatory parts that causes itching.

. Onions.

Take a piece of round onion and crush it, then place it close to your eye while open. Do it for 1 minutes morning and evening for 1 week and see if there is a change. Round onions remove dust and makes your eye hydrated by removing drops of tears.

. Eucalyptus.

This is one of the best herbal for allergy, what you need to do is to pluck its leaves and crush them. Then bring it closer to your eyes while open. Another thing you can do is to boil water and sock it to take it as juice after sieving. Eucalyptus is an anti-inflammatory drug that helps to relieve pain.

. Cucumber.

Take a piece of cucumber and cut it into pieces then place it closer to your eyes for 20 minutes, or you can pit in on your eyelids. Cucumber has great content of vitamin A together with carrots that help in night blindness.


water is life and anyone who does not like it its life is in danger. Every organ of the body needs water for lubrication and also for transport of other materials.

Some people suffers kidney stone because of lack of enough water in their body. Which is very bad as a human there are simple things you should not let yourself cause your and you can manage them alone. If you didn't know this then your lucky. Take a lot water when your eyes are itching you, since some itchiness are caused by dehydration.

You can attempt these things for your eye safe. But if it worsen see an optician for fast checkup.

Content created and supplied by: Lazarusodesh (via Opera News )


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