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Should All Salons Have A Hair Blow Dryer, Here Is The Cost Of Different Models Of Hair Blow Dryer.

Have you ever wondered why many people fail when they start business like saloon, berber shops among many other businesses. The reason is not because they are not profitable enough, infact these are some of the business activities that can generate for a individual good amount. The only thing you have to consider is the place where you are going to start your business.

Some of the questions you should ask yourself and meditate in them accordingly includes, is the place good for my business project? Will I have good customer traffic? Among many other questions that are important and can help you choose the best place and environment for your business.

The reason why many people fail in such business is because of lack of concern and this makes one a lazy person, with business immediately you bring in laziness then you will not succeed in anyway.

Currently blow dry is a common term in every single lady who is going in a saloon. The first thing you will here a group of women talking about when they are going to a saloon is blow then the rest follows. Therefore it means that a saloon without a blow dry machine can not generate a good income to the owner of the saloon.

The cost of blow drying hair depends with how long you want the salonist to straighten for you you hairs. It range between 50 shillings to 100 shillings.

The cost of blow dryer machine is not that much and therefore you can afford it, it ranges roughly between 1,400 shillings to 1,700 depending with the model you want to buy. Nunix HD-01 2200w blow cost roughly 1,284, Nunix HD- 01C cost roughly 1,510 shillings among many other that you may demand.

Only this machine can earn a person working at a salon roughly 500 shillings in a day, that is if you can have only 5 clients who need blow dry services.

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