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You Will No Longer Need Dye For Your Hair, Turn Gray Hair Back To Black Fast Using This

Your hair suddenly turning from black to gray should immediately raise an alarm. It is important to identify this while still in the early stages in order to easily counter. Using of cosmetic hair dyes has not worked for everybody in the past, upon long term use the chemicals will begin to damage hair roots on the sculp. This remedy contains exactly what your hair needs. The natural ingredients are a source of direct hair foods, essential vitamins like B and C, complex nutrients and minerals including iron, calcium and potassium. These will bleach out the gray appearances beginning to form up at the same time providing your hair cells with the necessary supplements. This initiates repair of all the flaccid cells, promoting generation of new hair cells that will leave the strands strong, black and shiny with a wonderful scent.

You Will Need The Following.

5 medium size fresh potatoes

Lavender oil

Aloe Vera oil

Source of heat

4 glasses of water


Kitchen knife How To Prepare.

Wash the Irish potatoes using clean water and let them dry. Place them on the chopping block and use the knife to peel. Do this to all the potatoes as you collect the peels in a separate bowl. For this processes you will only need the peels, set the peeled potatoes aside.

Set the pan on heat, add the four glasses of water to it. Add the potato peels to the water and cover with a lid. Let it heat up until it begins to boil. Turn off the heat. Use a sieve to filter out the larger particles of the peels as you collect the special water in a jug. It is now time to add the two tablespoons of the aloe Vera oil and the lavender oil. Stir with a spoon to mix it up.

How To Use.

By this time the remedy will still be warm, use this after washing your hair as per your routine. Massage with the remedy as you focus on the affected areas. Let your hair soak in it for thirty more minutes and then wash it off. Continue to use once a day and note the changes that occur. You will see full transformation after a few days. The nutritional value of the high levels of potassium in the peels has since been harnessed as food in several countries.

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