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Benefits of Potato Juice

 Against scurvy 

Scurvy is a serious vitamin C deficiency. It manifests itself in chronic fatigue, edemas and hemorrhages in its final phase. Scurvy causes loosening of the teeth, infection of the gums, pale skin, bruising under the skin. Potato juice helps you prevent and cure scurvy.

 For the beauty and protection of your skin 

Through the different nutrients in the potato, especially starch, potato juice is essential for the beauty and protection of your skin.

Dip your cotton or your linen handkerchief in the potato juice and place them at the level of dark circles. It will allow the dilation of the vessels that are under the skin to facilitate blood circulation.

You can apply it all over your face-If you have acne, use your potato juice to cleanse your face. 2 to 3 times a day are sufficient.

In case of sunburn or solar attacks, use potato juice to calm the pain and promote repair of the epidermis.

For more glowing skin, combine your potato juice with lemon. This solution is also valid for the fight against premature aging or the swollen face. Preferably make a rather concentrated and fresh juice.

 Your daily anti-inflammatory 

For arthritis, recurring muscle pain, back pain, or general fatigue, consume potato juice. It will reduce fatigue and reduce pain by dilating vessels, and relieving nerves. Consume potato juice on an empty stomach for the best effects on the body.

 She fights gout 

Consuming two glasses of potato juice every day is a good remedy for patients with uric acid crystal buildup in their joints. Its antioxidants stimulate the cleansing of these substances retained in the tissues of the body, preventing them from causing inflammation and pain.

Plus, as it promotes kidney cleansing. Its consumption prevents the formation of stones and obstructions.

 It fights dandruff and hair loss 

Potato juice helps hair growth:

Collect potato juice by mashing 4 beautiful raw potatoes. Add 1 tablespoon of honey and the white of one egg.

Apply it to the base of your hair. Let sit and act for about 1 hour clock.

Wash with your shampoo and rinse


To prepare this natural juice you will need two or three ripe potatoes, without lumps or black spots. Because they can be toxic because of their solanine content. You need 3 potatoes, 1 glass of water (200 ml).

Peel the potatoes, Cut them into pieces, Then mix them with half a glass of water in the blender. After you have obtained a drink without pieces, divide it into two portions of half a glass each. Consume it in the morning and in the evening.

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Potato Juice


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