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Skin Care

Main Reasons Why Ladies Should Not Wear Bra While Sleeping

1. Restricting circulation Wearing a bra while you sleep can hinder free blood flow, especially if you are wearing a tight bra with a tight elastic frame. It may be better to choose a sports bra that is more comfortable in comparison.

  2. Pigmentation Regularly wearing a bra in bed may cause pigmentation or skin irritation in the area where the strap or the bra frame is in contact with soft skin. The skin can be sore and irritated because the frames can penetrate sensitive skin. It may also discolour or develop marks and spots. Therefore, it can well cope with wearing a soft and loose bra while sleeping. 


3. Disturbed sleep Comfort helps promote restful sleep. Wearing a tight bra when you sleep at night can cause discomfort, which in turn can affect the quality of your sleep. You may feel irritated or restless because of the discomfort. Not sleeping well can be detrimental to overall health.  

4. oedema Wearing a tight bra regularly can trigger a condition in which excess fluid accumulates in the cavities and tissues of the body. This condition is called "oedema" and can lead to unnecessary health complications. 

 5. Breast cancer There is no hard evidence to show whether sleeping in a bra can cause breast cancer. But the wrong type or the wrong size can be harmful to your health. In addition to sore straps and sore threads, sleeping in a bra at night can increase your risk of breast cancer.  A woman examines her breasts 

6. Lymphatic blockage Wearing a bra in bed can damage the lymphatic system. The garment can confine the lymph nodes present in the breast and armpit area which filter and drain toxic waste from the body and act as our body's defence against foreign objects and infections. Improper lymphatic drainage can negatively impact the normal functioning of the kidneys, liver, and other organs in the body.  

7. Excessive sweating Usually wearing a bra while sleeping, especially in summer, can cause excessive sweating. Fancy bras made from synthetic materials like polyester can especially trigger extreme sweating.  

8. Development of lumps Constantly wearing a bra at night can initiate the growth of lumps and cysts in the breast. Containment of the bra can become a cause of chronic inflammation of the skin and inadequate drainage leading to the progression of benign nodules. 

 9. Breast fungi Wearing a bra while sleeping can create a favourable, warm and humid environment for the reproduction and multiplication of fungi. If the bra is not suitable, the conditions become more favourable for the growth of breast yeast infection. 

 10. Affects Breast Physiology Wearing a bra 24/7 may not give the skin a chance to recover and repair itself from damage.

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