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Skin Care

How To Prevent Face Dryness Using Carrot Oils

Carrot oils are responsible for moisturizing skin by getting rid of skin and face dryness.

They contain antioxidants which have lightening effects on your skin as well as moisturizing.

They are known to contain constituents used in the formulation and production of skin care products and therapies which are used in skin care.

It is recommended for your face and skin as it helps rejuvenate the face and keep it moisturized the whole day.

How to use

Wash and peel the skin off the carrots and then crate the carrots with hand crater.

Put the grated carrots in a crockpot and pour the oil extracts then cover.

Infuse the oil in warm temperature for a period of 2-3 days making sure you do not allow temperature above 100°C until it turns orange in colour.

Once infusion process is ready, put them in a cheesecloth and strain.

Put them in a glass jar then store in a refrigerator until you are set to use it.

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