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Dear Ladies, You Are Lucky If You Have These 3 Things In Your Body

Ladies were created differently in terms of physical and inner qualities. Some are dark in complexion while others are light in complexion. However, there are some qualities that it is very rare to find someone who has them. They are very unique and any lady who is blessed to have them should count herself lucky. The following are some of the physical features that a lady should count herself lucky if she has even one.


This is one of the things that a lady should count herself lucky if she is blessed with them. This is because it's not everybody that has this fascinating physical feature. It is very rare to find and only a few have it. It makes a lady to look more charming especially when smiling. Dimple has made some ladies to look extremely beautiful even if they are not. As a lady if you have even one dimple you should appreciate it. This is because it indicates good luck and happiness in someone's life.


Most ladies have a gap between their first two teeth compared to men. Only a few were lucky to have been born with it. Ladies with such gaps always smile even for no reason because it usually comes out very cute while they are smiling. Why should one even close her mouth when she has something that everyone is always yearning for? As a lady if you have a diastema you should count yourself very lucky because ladies with such gaps are said to be very hardworking and adventurous.

3.Lucky mole.

One can have various moles on different parts of the body. They have different meanings according to the part of the body that they are located in. Most of those moles always indicate good luck such as wealth, happiness and good love life. For example those who have lucky mole on their foreheads always tend to make more money as they grow old. As a lady if you have a mole on your forehead then you are very lucky.

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