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Smelly Feet?? Here are 12 Ultimate Proven Remedies For You.

It actually turns out that foot odor doesn’t originate from the feet but comes from the bacteria living on them and from dirty socks. These bacteria emit waste like people do smell rotten. Sweaty feet play host to some of these extra-stinky bacteria.

Stinky feet are unpleasant and very embarrassing but, the goodnews is that there are a number of ways to eliminate of these bacteria and the bad smell.

Be sure to follow these tips carefully and regularly.

1. Stay dry. Dry your shoes socks and feet thoroughly as these bacteria likes wet areas.

2.With a mild soap and scrub, brush your feet thoroughly for at least once each day.

3.Scrub the hard dead skin from your feet using a foot file or bathing stone. This hard skin becomes soft when wet creating a good. habitat for these bacteria.

4.Try using an antifungal foot spray or foot powder atleast once daily.

5.Daily alternate wearing your shoes, allowing each pair to fully dry out.

6.Wear open shoes in warm days.

7.Cut your toe nails so they’re short and clean them on regular.

8.Avoid wearing tight shoes or shoes that retain moisture .

9.Use antifungal or antibacterial soaps.

10.Soak your feet atleast once a week in soap and water or warm water and vinegar. 

11.Change your socks on a daily basis.

12.Use powder or cornstarch before wearing your shoes.

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