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The Reasons Why Your Brakes Are Squeaking

Brakes are in place to serve the purpose of safety improvements. Sometimes, you may install new brakes and find that they are squeaking. If you notice the squeaking sound, you may be wondering if it is safe to keep driving or whether you need to stop. Well, squeaking brakes also function properly and they stop the vehicle as effectively as when they're not squeaking. The squeaking sound will depend on the speed at which the vehicle is being driven. The squeaking noise disappears at some point during the drive.

Causes of squeaking brakes.

In the morning, the brakes start squeaking as you accelerate the vehicle and stop. his could go on through out the first few stops. This is the brakes getting rid of moisture that might have accumulated over night. Give it time and they will become silent after a few stops.

The caliper, pads and disk could be the reason for your squeaking brakes. Whereby these three parts have become loose due to friction and constant movement. This is not an emergency because they are bound to behave like that eventually. When they become loose, these parts start to vibrate hence causing the squeaking sound from the brakes.

Worn out pads lead to squeaking because of their manufacturer specifications. By this I mean that, manufacturers embed a metallic wear indicator in the pads. Once the pads reach their limit, this ,metallic wear indicator begins to scratch against the metal backing plate. This leads to a squeaking sound that can be very annoying.

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