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Cute DIY Nail Art Designs

Nail art has become more popular nowadays and people are starting to try it on their own instead of spending a lot of money at the nail salon to get a professional manicure.Here are three simple DIY nail art designs that you can do right at home.

1. Gold V Tips

The first style has gold v-shaped tips over an iridescent pink color. With this mail design, use small pieces of washi tape to block off the bottoms of your nails. Begin by painting on a coat of a rubberized base coat. Let it dry, then apply two coats of a lasting finishing. Once it dries, add a top coat.

Wait at least an hour and then gently apply small squares of washi tape to your nails as shown above to mask off the “v” shapes. Paint the nail polish on the tips.Let them dry, and then add one last layer of the top gel coat. And you are done.

2. Gold Color Blocked Nails Design

Next, we have a beautiful style that will really wow your friends. Begin with a cbase coat. Once it has dried, paint the top halves of your nails with soft pink nail polish. The lines don’t have to be perfect because they will ultimately be covered up.

Next, after your nails have dried completely, cut ten thin strips of gold metalized film tape. Place them halfway down each nail, ensuring that the strips cover the line between the pale pink polish and the natural nail. Trim the pieces of tape once they’re on your nails so that the edges of the tape line up perfectly with the edges of your nails. Finish with a gel coat of your choice.

3. Polka Dotted Nails Design

Next is a whimsical dotted nail which looks more difficult to accomplish than it really is. Apply the base coat and two coats of mauve nail polish.

Once everything has dried completely, put a bit dark pink nail polish on a piece of aluminum foil. Dip a toothpick in the polish and create small dots in a line up and down all of your nails. Be sure to use new polish or else it will be too thick to create such tiny, exact dots . Let them dry for at least an hour and then finish with gel setter base coat.

Luckily, these manicure ideas are indeed quite simple to achieve on your own nails at the comfort of your home.Furthermore, they can be customized by using different color combinations.Try them out and you will absolutely love them.

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