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Photos of The New Jungle Braids That you Should Try Soon

Braiding is an evolving process. Each year we see new styles being introduced. In recent years, so many styles have been invented from the old braids style. From box braids to traingle braids to bob ,to last years butterfly and distressed locs. Well this year, ladies are being served with the new Jungle braids.

Jungle braids are basically normal braids only that they have small parts being pulled out after every few plaits to achieve a messy finish. Unlike last years distresses locs, these jungle braids are done using your normal braids. You can have in any color of your choice. You can also choose your preferred length, be it the bob cut or the extra long ones that are a trend these days. Below is a collection of the new Jungle Braids ideas that you can show your hair stylist the next time you visit them.Try mixing a few color to get this beautiful effectGood new is that the new braids can also be packed in your favorite style, the bun

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Jungle Braids The New Jungle Braids That


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