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Skin Care

Natural and Quickest Way of Ending Stretch Marks in the Body.

Stretch mark is an irregular line or streak on the human skin. It can also be a form of scar that develops on the skin when it shrinks or stretches very fast.

Contrary to the expectations of many people, stretch marks are not only in women but also in men.

Having stretch mark is not a sign of ill health and does not cause any health problems, however the cause of stretch marks like weight gain can be hazardous.

What causes stretch marks.

Weight lifting.

Weight lifting causes rapid growth of the muscles and thus development of stretch marks.

Pregnancy. Most women's stretch mark results from pregnancy. This is as a result of the growth of the baby making the fibers in the skin to stretch.

Increase in weight. Sudden weight gain can lead to the stretching of the skin that brings about stretch marks.

How to get rid of Stretch marks.

Applying Lotion with Vitamin A .

Applying lemon.

Lemon is capable of removing the dead cells in your skin and it's bleaching ability gives it a lighter appearance.

Apply the natural aloe Vera.

The sticky substance in the aloe Vera plant is used as a healing agent and as a remedy to stretch marks.

Use of potato juice.

Potato juice is an extract from potatoes. The juice contains enzymes that helps to make scars a bit lighter and removing blemish.

Use of egg white.

The white part of an egg is very rich in protein. It is a good food for the skin and helps in tightening the skin. It also lightens the skin and removes the stretch marks.

A mixture of sugar, coconut oil and olive oil.

Olive oil is good for repairing damaged skin and nourishing it. Sugar and coconut oil has been proven medically to make stretch marks fade away.

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