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Top 10 Most Surprising Beauty From Around The World You Will Find Hard To Believe

They Say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and that one man's meat is another man's poison. What other people may look at and say is beauty may be looked by another person differently.

Different Countries of the world have different standards when it comes to defining beauty. In this article, we are going to look at some of the 10 weird things considered as beauty in some countries of the world. Take a look at what these things are;

1. Monobrows in Tajikistan

In some parts of Tajikistan, beauty in women is viewed differently. The monobrow is considered to be a sign of beauty. It sometimes may come naturally but if it doesn't come naturally, some black makeup will also make up for the deficiency. According to the people, it is a sign it a good life in the future.

2. Ta Moko In New Zealand

Ta Moko is the name given to tattoos in New Zealand. The tradition of Ta Moko has been in existence for over a millennial. According to the people, it is not only a symbol of beauty but also fertility. In male it shows strength and readiness to take adult responsibilities.

3. Cosmetic Surgery In South Korea

This is very common in south Korea and it is a sign of beauty. In this country beauty is associated with a flawless kind of skin and also a slim body. Pointed nose is also a sign of beauty and that is why cosmetic surgery is very common in South Korea especially among the women. South Korea however comes second after Iran when it comes to the number of cosmetic surgeries in women.

4. Yaeba In Japan

Yaeba is only found in Japan where the dental procedure is slightly interfered with so that the canines found on the upper jaw are capped to look like fangs, this is sometimes done permanently or temporarily. It was introduced by a famous Japanese pop star and most people embraced the idea.

5. Long neck in Thailand

In Thailand, long neck is a standard of beauty and it is specifically among the members of the Kayan tribe in the northern part of Thailand. They put a coil around the neck from a young age, by the time they are fully grown, the neck becomes elongated.

6. Plus size in Mauritania

Whereas in some countries people struggle to cut their weight and be in shape, in Mauritania, things are slightly different. Ladies who are plus size are considered to be the most beautiful. While people in other countries, go on diet, those in Mauritania take drugs to increase their appetite so that they eat more to gain weight.

7. Lip's plate in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, the lips have their own plates and this is especially among the Mursi Tribe. It is normally a sign that a lady is beautiful and also mature.

8. Stretched earlobes In Kenya

Maasai is one of the tribes in Kenya that stretches earlobes as a sign of beauty. This is done by both men and women.

9. Foot binding in China

In some parts of China, foot binding is a process of beauty enhancements. It is also called the lotus feet and done at the early stage of life before the feet is fully developed.

Thankyou for reading this article. Which of these beauty standards do you think is the most weird according to you? Share with us your thoughts and comments on the comment section below and also don't forget to like and share this article.

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