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3 Key Issues in Selecting the Best Women's Plus-Size Business Clothes

Many women hold responsible leadership positions in business and it is important to convey the right attitude in our clothing. Selecting the right women's plus-size business clothing will make a statement about how serious we are about working or playing at our job.

Here are 3 Key points to consider when selecting your plus-size business attire:

1. The right style.

If you hold a management position, then more tailored suit-type clothing is most appropriate. Avoiding form-fitting flimsy dress styles will communicate to others that you are there for business and not to flirt.

What you wear definitely sends signals. Men are very much influenced by what they see, so send your message strong and clear that you are there to work and not to play.

Select the styles that most complement your shape. If you are pear-shaped (with larger hips and legs) avoid any clothing that would emphasize those areas. Styles that cut you in half should be avoided.

These include tops that tuck in at the waist and are in contrast to your slacks or skirts. Solid colors for both the top and bottom that do not cinch in at the waist would work well. Suit coats that come down to your hips and are the same color as your skirt would be most appropriate and most flattering.

2. The right colors or patterns.

Generally most solid colors are acceptable and should be selected according to which look best on you. Sometimes dresses with patterns are appropriate if they convey business style instead of flirtatious style.

Again, when you walk into the room, what are your clothes saying to everyone else. Are you commanding respect as a leader or will people snicker because you are inappropriately dressed. If you have trouble knowing what signals you are sending, ask a close friend to help you make your clothing decisions.

3. How your clothes fit.

It is important to wear clothing that fits right. If it is too large and baggy, it will make you look sloppy. If it is pressed and neat, you will look organized, tidy and setting that tone in your office. Have you ever noticed that what you wear determines your frame of mind? What I mean is, when you dress for working in the yard, you usually select your "scruffies" (clothes that are loose, baggy, and you are not afraid to get dirty).

However, when you go to church or to an important gathering, you dress neat and "put together" to show respect and that you are well groomed. You do not feel like working in the yard with these clothes on. And when you wear your yard clothes, you surely do not feel like going to church! Select clothes for the office that will make you feel like doing office work. Yes, clothes do make a difference in your frame of mind.

Once you get the hang of it and realize how the right clothing will affect your attitude toward your work, you will have fun selecting those styles, colors and types of women's plus-size business clothing that will make you the most productive. And by sending the right signals to your employees by what you wear, you will see more productive work from them, too.

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