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Kenyan celebrities you never knew are twins

We have two types of twins which are fraternal twins meaning that they developed from two different eggs fertilized by two different sperm cells,for fraternal twins one can easily identify who is who while identical twins are the one developed from a single fertilized egg that split,for this set it's very hard to differentiate between the two because they have same looks and same characteristics,they look like one person.

They say getting a child is a blessing and children are gifts from Almighty God.However, when they come double double, the parents have to count their blessings twice.In Kenya there are celebrities that are twins who you may know and some you might not know.

Here arw some of Kenyan celebrities who are twins in real life;

1.Eddie and Paul Ndichu

They are identical twins who you can't differentiate who is who unless you are familiar with them. Eddie Ndichu is the husband to TV sensational personality Janet Mbugua while Paul Ndichu is the baby daddy to the twins he had with media personality Grace Msalame, currently Paul Ndichu married a lady by Evaline Momanyi.

2.Janet Mbugua and Timothy Mbugua

The former news anchor Janet Mbugua has a twin brother although they are not identical twins but they have some similar characteristics.

3.Jamila and Wanjiru Mbugua

They are identical twins such that each one has the characteristics of the other.Unless you're very keen or familiar with them you can't differentiate between the two.They are all media personalities and at one time they worked together at K24.

4.Grace Msalame's twin daughters

Media personality Grace Msalame has been blessed with beautiful identical twin daughters, Zawadi and Raha, that she had with her Ex-husband Paul Ndichu who has a twin brother.

5.Lisa Gaitho and Anita Gaitho

Famous Kenyan Youtuber cum fashion Blogger, Lisa Gaitho has a twin sister by the name Anita Gaitho.

Although they are fraternal twins, the two have developed the same interest in fashion.

Lisa is a blogger whereas her sister Anita owns a cloth line where she showcases her fashion designs.

6.Ivy's twin daughters

Ivy, a YouTuber and member of Over 25 is the proud mom to two gorgeous beautiful fraternal twin girls; Taipei and Tallinn.

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