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3 Teeth Brightening Tricks That Really Work Efficiently

We all know some drinks like coffee, tea and red wine stains your teeth also consider avoiding condiments like tomatoes and barbecue sauces that may stain your teeths.

After using them you should not be worried about the situation because you can rinse your teeth with clean pure water after eating or stash free sugar gum to chew after meal to stimulate teeth cleaning saliva.

When you have attended a party, you can order pineapple juice which is rich in bromelain a stain removing enzyme. Strawberries also contain malic acid which is a whitening agent to prevent your teeth from having lots of stains.

Cool-toned lipcolors create the optical illusion of brightening your teeth because they enhance their whiteness, and there are a variety of shades you can have fun with.Aslo be dusting on some bronzer which makes your stained teeth stand out.

You should also make sure you brushing your teeth after eating every meal to avoid them being stained.Maintaining your health by brushing your teeth regularly is very healthy and it's recommended for everybody so as to maintain a good smile.

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