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Skin Care

7 Natural Ingredients that will Improve your Skin Health


Before using this product, test it to make sure your skin is okay with it. It is very popular due to its anti-bacterial properties on the skin especially to those with acne or psoriasis. Some type of honey is even used by doctors in clinical settings. Just make sure the honey you are using is pure or good quality


If you have allergy to cinnamon, do not use it, also just use its extract rather than ground cinnamon for better results. If you intend to use it in a mask, you can combine it with 3 parts of honey and make a paste to apply on your face. The benefits of cinnamon is protecting your skin cells because it contains antioxidant properties


We are all familiar with carrots and most of us use it in the kitchen but if you mix it with some aloe Vera gel or create a paste by mixing it by honey and milk can be very great on your skin. Vitamin A found in carrots helps in getting rid of toxins and excess oil gathered on your face. At the same time, it offers moisture to your skin because it is rich in potassium


Consumption of blue berries a lot improves your blood circulation and this improves your skin health. Weather you eat or apply, it will still be beneficial to your skin. In addition, blueberries also plays a big part in helping you skin heal first due to vitamins C and K in them. Don’t apply on the wound directly, just consume these fruits and also you can make a paste.


The product is also good for your skin; it helps with wrinkles, scars and also psoriasis. There have been some instances where it has been used to treat acne when used with home remedies. There are different types of sandalwood and you can find it in powder, soap or even oil.

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