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Skin Care

Ways of Preventing Body Odor

Getting rid of the body odor by doing this simple four steps

Try these 4 methods to get rid of body odor naturally and permanently in your body.

1. Use antibacterials soap to clean yourself

When bacteria on your skin mixes with sweat, it produces the striking scent you know as body odor. The easiest way to get rid of body odor is to attack the source which is the bacteria by making use of antibacterial soaps available in shops or malls

2. Use towel to dry yourself completely

If you’re prone to body odor, exercise caution after bathing, showering or swimming. Towel dry yourself completely before putting on your clothes, and be extra careful about drying off areas where you sweat more for example your underarm and between the legs

3 Wear undershirts and any other light weight cloth

Wearing an undershirt is a great way to prevent body odor naturally. Undershirts add an extra layer of absorption to contain moisture and reduce body odor.

If you’re a sweaty person, consider trying proof undershirts, which absorb underarms sweat — the pesky culprit of armpit odor.

4.Use active underarm perfume

Use of underarms perfume can get it easy to get away from natural body odor

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