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Coincidence?? The Wajesus Family And The Bahati's Family Both Make Big Moves At The Same Time.

The online content Industry in Kenya has become very huge, still growing and also it's paying very well for those who have a big following. Two big examples of people who are in the online content are The Wajesus Family and The Bahati's Family.

Something interesting has happened today that seems to be a coincidence from both The Wajesus Family and The Bahati's Family. Let's start with the Wajesus Family. Today, they introduced a vlog that they have launched there new Fashion shop. Kabi Wajesus and Milly Wa Jesus are now the owners of BossMan FPL. They got there clothes stock from Turkey.

Also Today, The Bahati's Family have also released a Vlog on the Diana Bahati channel. They have also launched a fashion shop that will be owned by Bahati's brother, Kioko. The vlog shows the family travelling to Turkey to get the clothes stock for The Golden Collection shop.

Same Launch day, same business idea, Travelled to the same country to get stock for the business. Is it a coincidence?

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