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The Truth Behind Nose Piercings

Since time immemorial, human beings have always embraced different aspects of fashion in an effort to appear charming. The varied types of fashion have grown to be diverse and not limited to nose piercing. Nose piercing therefore is the careful making of small hole or holes around the nose mostly for beauty and ornamental purposes. Though, other cultures practise nose piercing as part of their culture rather than for beauty.

The truth that surrounds nose piercing stems from the culture of the concerned group of people. According to Bustle "nose piercing dates back centuries to various civilizations." Going by American and South African cultures, nose piercing symbolized social status. Infact, larger piercings were equated to higher social status as compared to smaller ones. Whilst, for african and middle east cultures wealth was equated to the size of ornaments one wore around their nose.

Nowdays, nose piercings have become conventional facial decoration. Infact, the more time goes by, the more they gain meaning. There are varied nose piercings from rhino piercing to septile piercings. The type chosen depends on the Individual taste for fashion or personal reasons.

Nose piercing types

Varied types of nose piercing styles come with artistry. In relation to Spencer there are several varied types of nose piercings. The bridge type goes through the nose intersecting through your eyes. The rhino type passes through the nose tip and projects through the septum skin. On the flip side, the austin style moves horizontally on the nose tip excluding the septum. The nasally type is identical to the austin though it also moves to the septum.

"There's also the bull piercing. It moves along the wall that separates both nostrils. Lastly there's this piercing that is an integration of both septum and rhino piercings. It's piercing would be clearly visible only when you have a stretched septum." Spencer explained.

Your expectations when going for nose piercing

After you've settled on the type of nose piercing that you'd want to apply, it's prudent that you get to know its price. When checking on price, ensure the stud price is included in the final price as some piercing studios don't include them in the final price.

When going for nose piercings, also put into consideration the materials being used as a stud. Some are made of certain metals that could cause you allergies. Once your nose piercing is done, you can expect it to heal fully after few months. In terms of maintaining the nose piercing before it heals you should apply saline substance to it until it fully heals. The healing process is simple and after the healing you're left with the permanently mark of beauty.

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