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The Trendy Couple That Matches Their Outfits With An Amazing Sense Of Fashion And Style

The first thing that drew me towards finding out more about this couple is their sense of fashion and style. George Dufanda and Sara Mukami are well known for putting on matching outfits. The lovebirds seem to be good stylists or there could be a stylist behind their elegant looks.

Matching white outfits.

George Dufanda, a celebrity barber was born in Congo whereas Sara is Kenyan. George and his family moved to Kenya in 2011. In an interview he said that he started shaving when he was 13 years old and that's how he discovered his skill in shaving and developed the passion to do more. He met Sara while in Kenya and fell in love with her.

Some of George Dufanda's works

If in any case there's an award that's supposed to be given to couples according to how they dress, then I would expect to see the Dufandas winning the award. If you know them, you'll realize that they love colour red.

Red and black can never go wrong, they rocked it.

Matching red and white outfits.

This looked good on them. Even without knowing who they are, you would definitely tell that they're a couple.

George and Sara are always twinning according to their dressing style. Well, they are young parents, they have cute babies who are twins. Their little babies, Malakai and Malaika were brought into the world in April this year.

The couple holding their babies.

Today, Dufanda is not just a name but a brand that is growing. The couple owns a fashion line, dealing in printed caps, t-shirts and hoodies that have their brand name.

T-shirts that have the 'Dufanda' label printed on them.

Sarah and George also have a YouTube channel called "The Dufanda Family" where they share a lot about themselves, their growing family and their lifestyle.

A screenshot of their YouTube channel home page.

If you're a couple and you love matching outfits or you want to get fashion ideas, these lovebirds could be an inspiration to you.

What's your opinion about matching outfits for couples. Is it something you would want to do? Leave a comment in the comments section below. Like this article and share with your couple friends.

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