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Deceptive Objects That Are Doing More Harm Than Good

A toxic splash of perfumeMost of us apply always a splash of our favorite perfume before we leave the house. What we don’t know is that we are basically spraying nice-smelling chemicals, some of which derive from petroleum onto our skin. Remember that exposure to these fragrances can cause mild to severe symptoms, from migraines to infertility. Apart from that, perfumes also pollutes the environment. Therefore let’s stop using them and do ourselves and the environment a favor. Consider switching to products that are scented with natural oils. Or you can create your own toxin-free perfumes.

Invasive cotton swabsExperts suggests that ear wax exists for a reason, it protects our ear canal from dust and debris. But when it builds up, it feels sticky. And that's why we might get exasperated and resort to using a cotton swab. When pushed too far, it can damage delicate structures like the eardrum, and even cause hearing loss. But there is an alternative, the first thing you need to do is to stop using cotton swabs. Next, it’s actually not necessary to clean the wax built up inside your ear. But if you want to clean the gunk from the opening of the canal, use a damp cloth and be careful not to apply too much pressure.

The antibacterial hand soap that kills germsWe’ve been taught about the importance of frequently washing our hands since our childhood. We won’t deny that part, but using antibacterial soaps can be “unhealthy.” Actually, there’s no concrete evidence that they kill all germs and nor should they. Experts believe that some ingredients found in these soaps like triclosan may cause antibacterial resistance. The best alternative is plain soap, water, and a thorough scrub is all you need to keep your hands clean.

Whitening and corrosive toothpasteThe main function of whitening toothpaste is removing superficial stains on your teeth, which are mostly caused by drinking too much coffee or tea. However, the problem here is the frequency with which you use this hygiene product. They can end up being too abrasive and corrode your tooth enamel or cause tooth sensitivity. You check that the brand you are using has a seal of approval from a reputable dental organization and use it together with another kind of toothpaste.

The loofahTheir intricate weave, which is great for exfoliating dead skin, also traps organisms that grow when the loofah is wet. So you end up spreading them onto your skin next time you use it. After each use, if you don’t feel like cleaning and drying it, a safer option is to opt for natural scrub soaps.

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