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Akothee Praises The Work Of Her Mother On Social Media

Esther Akoth, Popularly known as Akothee Safaris, is a well known celebrity in Kenya. Just hearing the name Akothee should ring a bell. She loves drama and attention, but thats her.

She is known as the 'president of single mothers.' It's funny right? Well this comes because Akothee has been a single mother for a long period of time. Although her daughter Rue and Vesha are still talking to their dad, Akothee still prefers to live her life.

She is the founder of Akothee Safaris, and Akothee Foundation And Akothee Homes. Without a doubt she loves what she does. Akothee always likes being real and encouraging women out here. She always encourages women to work hard for their own money. This includes even her daughters who she often talks to about life and how it is important to work hard.

The wealth she has now didn't come all that easy. She has worked hard for her money. Everyone who knows Akothee Knows she is not a woman to mess with, because she always has answers ready waiting for you. Instead you will be the one getting embarrassed by the question you asked.

I must say Akothee is a beauty. She is dark, but with all her money she hasn't even tried changing her skin color. She embraces the black beauty without any shame. Most ladies after getting money end up lightening their skin with skin lightening products but Akothee is an Exception. She is a strong, exquisite woman always up to the top.

Today on her Instagram feed she posted some photos of her and her mother, captioning how she loves and admires her mother.

" I used to think my mom was insane while I was growing up, we used to live like cats and dogs, if she is not beating me up, I ma help ding somewhere, little did I know that she was just scared to let go and was preparing me for being responsible Now I appreciate our time more, I did hate when she would kick my bedroom door at 6.00 am, mum, that was disrespectful, again, I won't take it personal, it's called TIME. Now the bills wakes me up at 4.00 am.



She captioned this while laughing.

What do you think about Akothee , give your comments on the comment section.

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