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How To Use Rice Water As Hair Hack Care Method

How to Use Rice Water as a Hair Care Method

Not surprisingly, rice water has long been used to protect hair and skin. This is a natural remedy particularly for Asian women. Because of the benefits and consequences, people still use rice water today. There is a constant stream of beauty that will not end soon

Benefits Rice Water to Hair

Asian women have long hair on their shoulders even 70 year old. The secret behind those women why still have strong, healthy and light hair for treating lies in rice water treatments.

Protein Therapy

Rice contains natural amino acids that increase hair protein. If you are dealing with weak and thin hair, try it once with rice water.

The rice water is so strong that you will get strong hair every month in a treatment right away. This is the best option over all hair chemicals sold.

Maintain density and length

That's why many of us have long-term problems on hair growth. It actually takes a long time to see new growth of hair. Rice water is an effective way to keep your hair long

Your hair will also grow faster. Hair stimulates follicles, increasing the volume of hair. This combination of long curly hair is found in rice water.

Repair Damaged Hair

Hair loss is very common. Excessive blending can cause heat and dryness due to flat iron, dry and frozen hair and chemicals. Rice water heals damaged hair and restores its natural radiance.

Skin Care

In addition to hair care, people have seen positive changes by adding rice water on a regular basis in skin care mechanism.


We may not be young forever, but you will look younger than you really are with a good skin care. Rice water plays a natural fight as anti-aging answer. It reduces the appearance of lines and edges and increases collagen levels in the skin.

Improves skin condition

It is not desirable to deal with situations such as measles and jaundice. There are many chemical creams and cleansers that can actually cause a lot of damage while claiming to improve your skin. Wash your skin with the rice water once, as it will reduce the contraction due to this condition

Daily Skin Care

You can use rice water for daily skin cleaning and comfort. It lightens the skin to promote body odor and also acts as a deep moisturizer.

There are three main ways to make rice water for skin and hair care.

The first method is to wash the rice and collect water, which you will not cook for less than 24 hours. This is probably the best way to prepare

You can collect water by mixing rice with more water than usual. Empty the rice before using it and refrigerate it.

The third way is to wash the rice and then add clean water from the mine. Wash and live the rice in water for at least 30 minutes.

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