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11 Super Easy Ways To Become Better Today.

1. If you’re feeling bored and don’t know what to do, write 3 things you’re grateful for in your life. You'll end up inadvertently creating a gratitude journal and also end up refreshing your mood.

2. Realize that the number of decisions you can make in a day is limited. So, take out the trivial things out of it. Like “what am i going to wear?” How to solve it? The Facebook Guy way. Keep few solid colors and assign one day to each of the tees,do it once, be relieved forever!

3. Next time you go on a drive/picnic/ watching something at home,instead of carrying a bag of wafers, take a box full of dry fruits. Roasted, mildly salted and peppered. You can also carry a box of cut fruits with tangy spices sprinkled on them.

4. Put on soft instrumental music like baroque/Indian classical music while working/studying. Even soft Jazz works easier to get into flow state.

5. Not finding time to do deep breathing at home? How about doing it when you’re prepping your tea, your coffee? How about doing it when you’re checking your phone? Everything is possible, if you want it to happen.

6. If you’ve been sitting for an hour straight, get up. Do a stretch. Chair is a serial killer of this era and the best part is it never gets noticed.

7. Using too much of your phone? Put it in another room, with only call notification on. Works pretty well.

8. Remove any painting/artefacts from your house which depict sadness/negativity. Don’t have to believe me, just read more about your subconscious mind. Lots of ‘science’ to prove how powerful it is.

9. It’s okay to not be able to read a book in a week or even a month. Just make sure you read 5 pages everyday!

10. When you get up for the day,don’t look at your phone, don’t think about what your boss is going to tell you today and don’t turn on the news! Get up, go to a place where you can feel the natural light. Take a deep breath in, smile and be grateful to be alive.

11. Not getting time to even do push ups? Do 5 of them, now! Do it whenever you can. No point in not doing it at all.

Content created and supplied by: Sylvia (via Opera News )


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