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What you Wear on a Day to Day Basis Can Affect Your Health

Ladies love fashion more than men. A lady can have so many clothes and shoes than a man because of their passion for fashion. The kind of clothes ladies wear and the shoes, have been affecting them. Some illnesses are caused by the type of clothes or shoes worn.

Wearing high heels is common among ladies. A lady will put on high heels to work. Some work places have made high heels part of the dressing code. Ladies who drive cars to work prefer high heels because no much walking is involved so no tiredness. High heels cause alot of pressure on your knees, heels and the spine. If you experience pain in these three mentioned places, it is most likely that you have been wearing high heels. Consider changing to flat shoes or heels that are less than 2 inches and reduce these pains.

Many ladies wear skinny jeans. The skin jeans gives the ladies a good shape and reveal their body curves. Sometimes it is assumed that men are attracted to ladies that have good looking shapes. But the skinny jeans cause the acid influx in the body. It also exerts pressure on the soft tissues expecially around the waist, causing a condition called compartment syndrome. One will experience swelling of the tissues which makes walking difficult. Avoid these condition by wearing a baggy jeans or dresses which do not put pressure on the soft tissues.

Majority of women have made wearing jewelry as part of their fashion. Out of the five women sampled, it only one who might not be wearing jewelry. These jewelry range from wedding rings, necklaces and earrings. Some of then are big and heavy expecially the earrings. In fact, these heavy and big earrings have a tendency to get hooked onto objects or even ripped out by unknowing children. Heavy necklaces and chains can place a great deal of strain and pressure on your neck, back, and chest. Oversized bracelets and rings have been known to cause wrist, arm, hand and finger pain.

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