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Kenyan Celebrities Who Rose From Mitumba Traders To Fashion Designers

Many people are venturing into fashion designing, because they have a lot of passion in this industry. Many Kenyans are today changing their dressing code, so that they can fit in this modern era. Fashion designer industry is thriving today, and people are making a lot of money in it. Some Kenyan celebrities ditched mitumba business, so that they can venture into fashion designing. Let us look at some of them, so that we can know how they are currently doing.

1. Nancie Mwai.

Nancie Mwai is working as a fashion designer, and her work is really selling out. She is having a lot of customers lately, because she is giving all of her best in this business. She has a YouTube channel, and she is selling out her talent there.

She is currently having a lot of subscribers, and others are subscribing to her channel daily. She is showing others her fashion designing skills, and many people are becoming interested in this property and daily.

Nancie Mwai is earning a good money from this business, and she is forgetting her mitumba job. She started a mitumba job with only 2000 shillings, and she made profits worth 14000 shillings. She has popular celebrities customers like Patricia Kihoro and Sharon Mundia, and they love her job.

2. Filbert Mwiche.

Filbert Mwiche is also working as a fashion designer, and this profession is really paying him well. He is doing great in this business, and he is making some of clothes to popular celebrities like Jackie Nyaminde, Kameme Goro and Judith Nyambura.

These popular celebrities loves his work, and thy always go for more clothings. Filbert Mwiche has other careers, but he is addicted to fashion design. He is a trained pilot, and he is also an international relations officer, and he chose fashion designer over these lucrative careers.

He is currently doing well, and he has no regrets. He is following his heart, because he is doing his dream job.

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