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Skin Care

Five Basic things you can do to keep you Skin Healthy and Natural

The desire of every man or woman is to be attractive to the public. Having skin with rashes is what majority of ladies hate.

To keep your skin healthy and smooth make sure you do the following regularly;

1.General body cleanliness

Make sure you take bath daily with clean water to remove sweats and other bacteria that may affect your skin and rub your body using a soft towel.


If you want to have an heathy skin stay away from polluted environment with soots and Sulphur dioxide.

3. Physical exercise

Regular exercise increases blood circulation in the body and making your skin smooth and attractive.

4.Drinking enough liquids

It is recommended that every human being should take at least three cups of water per day to keep you skin hydrated. If you don't take enough liquids your skin will be dry.

5.Eat vitamin rich food

Always make sure you eat fruits like oranges,pineapple and green vegetables since they serve as protective food.

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