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Dress Style


10 Types of Dress Designs That You May Consider.

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Dress is simply a type of clothing which covers both the upper part and the lower part of your body. They exist in various different designs and colours.

Today we at opera news would like to share with you 10 different dress designs accompanied by photos that you may consider adding to your wardrobe. Go through them below and remember to leave a comment, like, hit the follow button and share with your friends to keep them updated.

1. A Line dress.

The dress is fitted at the hipline and flares at the hemline making it look like a capital letter A.

2. Maxi dress.

It is of loose fitting and made in such a way that the fabric hits the ground.

3. Sheath dress.

It has a straight cut with a nipped waistline with an invisible seam.

4. Pencil dress.

The dress has a nipped waist and made to take the body shape.

5. Smock dress.

It is usually of lose fitting with either long sleaves or strapless.

6. Tea length dress.

It is designed such that it has a full circle skirt that hits at the mid-calf.

7. Empire waist dress.

The dress is designed in such a way that it gathers under the bust at the slimmest part of the torso, creating a flattering effect.

8. Handkerchief hem dress.

It is a type of an assymmetrical dress but this one is designed such that its hem appears as if several handkerchiefs were held from the centre of the dress.

9. Assymmetrical dress.

The dress is designed in such a way that it has two sides of different length usually longer at the back side than the front side. It is a perfect shot when you are not sure of the formality of the event.

10. Pouf dress.

This type of dress is nipped at the waistline and pleated into a full dress.

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